Oct 2022
Welcome to the lab: Thanh, Cindy, and Keertna. Lab is starting to look busy now!

Sept 2022
Joshua passed his qualifying exam. Congratulations!

May 2022
Sichong defended! Congratulations and good luck at Genomatica

May 2022
Anshu defended! Congratulations and good luck at NAID

April 2022
Girija defended! Congratulations and good luck at Abcellera

Feb 2022
Farewell to Payman! He will be joining BP Bioscience after over a decade in this lab

Oct 2021
Welcome to the lab, Joshua!

Jun 2022
Farewell to Xiao Yi! He will be returning overseas at Core Facility Center at Nanjing

Apr 2021
William and Danielle passed their prelims. Congratulations!

22 Feb 2021
William presented at the 2021 Genomic Sciences Program Annual PI meeting.

20 Nov 2019
Chris has been appointed as EBI Deputy Director.

21 Oct 2019
Welcome to the lab, Ebin!

25 Sept 2019
Girija was awarded first place at the poster presentation at Microbial Early-career Researchers Association (microERA) Research Symposium. Congratulations to her!

28 Jul 2019
Anshu and Girija featured in the ‘List of Teachers Ranked as Excellent By Their Students’ for their work as a TA in CHBE440, Process Control and Dynamics.

28. Jun 2019
Congratulations to Sujit for winning third place and a travel award at the CABBI annual retreat poster presentation!

16. May 2019
Payman defended! Congratulations

29. Apr 2019
Anshu, Girija and Sichong passed their prelims!

28. March 2019
James defended!

13. December 2018
Our paper about effect of pH on citric acid and lipid production in Yarrowia lipolytica is published in Journal of biotechnology.